Nature color Double Point Knitting Bamboo Needles , china manufacturer


  • Pure hand polished. Much smoother in your hands.
  • Perfect round sharp needle point. Get a smooth knitting just from the start.
  • Metric sizes, laser imprinting is offered to have your store name permanently laser marked on the needles!
  • The fibre knitted with bamboo needles is just beautiful and soft to touch.
  • Material: Bamboo with high quality
  • Length: 15cm~25cm,longer can be required.
  • Model: Double pointed
  • 4  pcs/pair; 
size mm,4pcs/pair weight (15cm)  
2.0mm 2.4g  
2.5mm 3.4g  
3.0mm 4.3g  
3.5mm 6.0g  
4.0mm 7.7g  
4.5mm 9.1g  
5.0mm 11.2g  
5.5mm 12.6g  
6.0mm 14.7g  
6.5mm 16.8g  
7.0mm 19.6g  
8.0mm 21g  
9.0mm 25.2g  
10mm 27.3g  
12mm 32.9g  



China has abundant resources of bamaboo which have fine and thick nature. Chinese people have already used bamboo to make knitting needles for over twenty-five thousand years and we are continuing to inheriting and developing this tradition currently. In order to ensure the intensity, rigidity and tenacity of our products, we are rigorous on picking original materials.Our factory has 30 years experience of knitting needles production. Each Hanyu needle gets through twenty-four hand polishing and seven inspection procedures to keep the high quantity of bamboo knitting needles.


Nature color Double Point Knitting Bamboo Needles , china manufacturer




Double point needles

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